How to Behave on the Subway

The Tokyo Metro system has been reminding passengers on its crowded public transportation system how to behave since 1974.

The campaign got a facelift last year and continues to remind riders to turn off their cell phones, shake their umbrellas before boarding, not to play loud music, and give priority seats to pregnant women with a series of adorable posters.

Tokyo Metro poster

See the whole collection here.

Travel Headline Roundup

I was skimming the travel headlines today and came across a few jewels in the rough that haven’t gotten mainstream press (yet).  Here are my favorites:

 The shocker story.

Passengers using free wifi at a major Canadian airport were tracked by for a week afterwards by Canada’s version of the NSA as their phones and laptops plugged into other wifi spots across the continent.  In coordination with the NSA.

Why should this concern you?   

Because it’s illegal.  And because it begs the question who else can monitor you wanted to check your email between flights.  I’m working under the assumption that my readers are not part of some illicit organization whose movements maybe should be tracked, but it does act as a reminder to think twice about the types of wifi networks we use when traveling and that when possible, to use a secure network over an unsecured one.

 The funny story.

For the first time since…ever…the state of Louisiana is releasing advertisement

to encourage tourists to visit for Mardi Gras.  The Governor of Louisiana says its meant to draw tourist to other parts of the state.

Let’s be honest, if you’re going to go to Louisiana for Mardi Gras, you’re probably (in all honesty) going to New Orleans.  Last I checked, NOLA didn’t need any help drawing a crowd even when it’s NOT Mardi Gras!

The not so disappointing story.

Ryanair’s CEO has ruled out low-cost transatlantic flights because competing airlines, such as Etihad and Emirates, are driving long-haul aircraft prices up because of the amount of planes they’re buying [to meet their expansionist objectives].

I don’t mind.  Honestly.

Even if he could drop transatlantic prices to half of what they are now, Ryanair boasts some of the most expensive baggage fees and airport check in fees of all the airlines. Thank goodness you can still use the toilet for free!

And finally, the absolutely ridiculous story. 

Japan’s new ANA ad launched with the intent of  appealing to non-Japanese travelers as it launches new international routes.  Two pilots talk about their new destinations: Hanoi and Vancouver.  One says to the other, “Let’s change the image of the Japanese.”  The other responds – now dressed in a blonde wig and a long pointy nose – “Of course.”

The ad was pulled after it was criticized as being racist.

Was it?
You tell me.