Home Again

I just returned home from Germany on Monday afternoon – what a fun (albeit short) trip!

Having a Pils at Düsseldorf’s Weisser Bär

I can’t wait to get my photos edited and uploaded to share with everyone.  We covered a lot of Christmas markets in a few days and still had time to enjoy a German beer…or two…or three…

I managed to procure just about all of the items on my market shopping list including traditional smoking men and a Christmas pyramid! It’s a wonder my suitcase zipped shut for the journey home!

The 15 Milka Chocolate bars and Haribo gummi-bears probably didn’t help, either.

We’ve been lucky to go on TWO Girls’ Trips this year – the first being Savannah earlier this year.  After this experience, I can only guess where 2014 will take us!

Now taking recommendations -where do you think we should go?


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