Since the inception of Curious Tourist Travel in 2011, we’ve been plugged into social media – namely Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – to stay connected to our clients and fellow travel-lovers.  They’re all great outlets to quickly share travel-related information, news, and pictures; however, there are obvious shortcoming when one is limited to 140 characters in a single post.

The intent of this blog isn’t to opine wax lyrical about my travel adventures (of which I have many!), but rather to explore and discuss relevant travel topics weaving my personal travel experiences throughout the posts as a means of adding perspective.

And there will be times I will just tell travel stories because everyone likes a good story.

WHERE HAVE I BEEN (or what makes me qualified to write about traveling)?

Germany x 27?? France x 2 Italy x 2
Norway x 2 England x 2 The Netherlands
Denmark Liechtenstein Luxembourg
Austria x 2 Switzerland x 2 Czech Republic
Poland x 2 Hungary x 3 Croatia
Montenegro Turkey Jamaica x 2
Dominican Republic S. Caribbean (USVI, Grenada, St. Kitts, Dominica) Ethiopia
Iraq (Kurdistan) x 6? Afghanistan x 2 Jordan
Israel & West Bank U.A.E. x 4 India x 6?
Philippines U.S.A. (duh)  
taj sil

Looking up at the Taj Mahal (Agra, India)


Because of my frequent travels, I’ve had friends wonder if I actually work for a certain three-letter Government agency (I do not).  Aside from my travel business, I (still) have a 9-5 job in international development that provides me the opportunity to travel around the world.  Leisure trips are self-funded and squeezed in throughout the year maxing out all of my vacation days…and then some.  Some other interesting tidbits about me:

  • I’m very afraid of ferris wheels and ski lifts…anything that rocks really.
  • I am bilingual and speak German; my husband speaks Russian.  Sometimes we barely understand each other and we both speak English. 😛
  • I like scary movies and shows about the paranormal.  I would like to do a paranormal investigation in England someday.
  • I LOVE to cook. I’m constantly on the search for new recipes, especially of really good meals I’ve had while traveling.
  • I also really like karaoke.  So much so that my husband bought me a small portable karaoke machine to use at home 😀
Cooking class in Istanbul, Turkey

Cooking class in Istanbul, Turkey

If there is a travel issue or question that you’d like to see discussed in future posts, make sure to contact me!


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    • Just keep in mind my list is 15 years in the making. 🙂 I was in the Philippines visiting family – my mom grew up there and it was awesome to go with my parents and husband and see where she grew up. I would love to go back!

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