My 2013 Travel Report Card

2013 hasn’t seen as much travel as years past for a number of reasons, but I did manage to still sneak in a few trips (and tens of thousands of air miles) over the last 12 months.

I logged three new U.S. cities (and one repeat), a number of new Caribbean islands, and even got to visit Germany…twice!   My day job took me back to Dubai & Kabul for a couple of weeks which proved anti-climactic at best and tedious at worst.

Travel Report, 2013 (1)We have a number of pre-planned destinations for the new year, including Tucson, Seattle, and Germany (duh!).  We’ve even talked about trying another cruise and another girls’ trips.  Then there are still all the other unplanned weeks and weekends left to fill.

Will 2014 take you anywhere fun and exciting?  I hope so!

Wishing you lots of fun and safe travels in 2014!


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