Christmas Vacations Aren’t Just for the Griswolds!

Many of us wait all year for the Christmas holiday season.
As soon as the turkey leftovers are put away, the boxes of holiday decorations find their way from the depths of our attics and basements and the house is magically transformed into a winter wonderland full of snowflakes, snowmen, pine-scented everything.
It is a time of family and togetherness…and vacations!
Based on a 2012 survey taken by, Americans, by and large, lead the way in holiday travel at 52.7%.  What is also interesting is that 72% of holiday travelers are in search of warmer weather.  In fact, of the top 10 destinations, only 3 are in cold-weather climates!
I am not much of a cold-weather person and spend most of the winter months counting down the days until the first crack of spring; however, there is something to be said about bundling up to see the tree in Rockefeller Plaza or drinking mulled wine in some small German village.

If you could travel anywhere during the holidays, where would you go and why?

Christmas Vacation Trends


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